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We are an ICT company, which provides services for, among others, uniformed services and academia. We have contracted with a number of public and private entities all over Poland.
Our mission is based on the ability for employing high-end technologies to serve people.
Long year experience and skills of professionals, cooperating with us, guarantee the highest quality of services.
At the moment, we extensively expand our Research and Development Division, which is the source of innovation, creating new projects related to modern multimedia technologies.

TL Wisla

Situational shooting is an important part of shooting training for soldiers and many other forces. It’s essential for obtaining required reflexes and habits. The mission of our system TL Wisla is to provide accessible, safe and low cost training facility for situational shooting. The system, thanks to it’s simplicity, can be installed virtually everywhere, where there is a room with minimal dimensions 3 for 5 meters available. At the same time the system is flexible and easy to customize, which allows us to build more complex facilities.

TL Wisla system provides original laser modules, ready to be installed both on firearms and a variety of replicas. By deploying the system you can substantially lower the cost of shooting training, especially situational shooting training.

Original shooting training scenario is generated in computer’s memory, which allows the system to provide very realistic simulation of programmed conditions, e.g.:

  • day or night time
  • weather conditions
  • other programmed elements, like moving targets, explosions, smoke screens
  • landscape (urban, field)
  • bullet performance, depending on it’s weight, caliber, initial speed, weather conditions such as temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind
  • shooting at night with or without additional equipment like night-vision or thermal-vision goggles


Laser training system TL Wisla is a realistic laser simulator, which allows to train shooting in a safe, low cost way in virtually every time and place. The value of such solutions was acknowledged by General Staff of the Polish Army, whose chief in his order about initiating new shooting training programme recommends using laser shooting simulators to instruct the troops of specified shootings. Laser training system Wisla allows to conduct training in different weather conditions, different time of the day and night. Additionally both stationary and moving targets can be deployed equipped with different combat figures and simulator provides realistic bullet behavior. Built in control panel allows the instructor to follow every target hits and gives them full control over the training scenario. Report section provides automatic result scoring, report printing and detailed information about every shooter progress. Simulation system Wisla contains sound module, which can, thanks to specially designed audio surround, generate realistic gunshot sounds. Our system can be used with firearms with blank ammunition or unloaded and with a variety of replicas with gas or electric firing system. Wisla simulates also weapon’s recoil. All of this makes our laser shooting simulation an excellent facility for training your adepts.


The mission of Laser training system for situational shooting is to be an efficient and at the same time budget complex tool, providing high quality shooting training for:

  • Army
  • Police
  • Other uniformed services and their teaching facilities

Sport and recreational shooters

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