The Advanced Firearms Training System Vistula is an ideal solution enabling safe shooting training using your own firearms or a special replica and using the most modern combination of computer technology and laser systems.

It is a technology adapted to the most demanding client representing the armed forces, law enforcement, guards, intelligence services and the private security and military services.

The ATFS Vistula gives the possibility of effective training while limiting its costs.


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The 270° training module

270° training module makes the training scenarios even more realistic. Curved, semi-spherical screen makes the trainees feel surrounded by the simulated world and makes their reactions more adequate and requires them to be more aware of the action as threats can appear at any angle.

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You can use our revolutionary bluebox last stage interactive training kit. It allows you to transform any room into a video training studio in minutes by inteligently detecting and replacing the background of the video stream to simulate action taking place in another location. It does not require a bluescreen to operate as it relies on laser scanners and inteligent video processing algorythms.


IPSC/USPSA module simulates practical shooting drills and competitors.

It contains multiple, fully customisable tracks where you can place multiple moving and static targets and obstacles to suit your needs.

Maritime Security Operative Training

Our training was developed to provide all the knowledge necessary to perform the duties of a maritime security operative. The training was prepared in accordance with international standards and porcedures and provide its participants with skills needed for operations in high risk areas.

Trust your possibilities of effective and highly diversified training for officers, soldiers, private military and security contractors thanks to the use of the latest Advanced Firearms Training System VISTULA.

This highly developmental product straight from Europe is based on the dynamics of IT development, virtual reality imaging, and adaptation to the tactical needs of the highly diverse modern operational environment for military and security personnel.

AFTS VISTULA will play the key role in basic and advanced training according to the recipient’s needs, as part of activities in urban areas, non-urban areas or areas where water dominates in various weather situations, day-night conditions.

By choosing AFTS VISTULA you can be sure that your training will achieve the best cost-effective synergy so that people using various of weapons types will gain the necessary certainty of its use in a variety of scenarios, adapted to the needs of their service, to the variability of the operational environment or to the legal requirements existing in a country.

AFTS VISTULA is an ideal response to new XXI century challenges posed to counter-terrorist units, protection of critical infrastructure, maritime security, and above all training of soldiers and officers from law enforcement structures for daily service for the security of their state.


If you want to learn more about AFTS Vistula please consider downloading full specification


The individual shooting training of each soldier has always been the basis for his preparation to serve his country. Therefore, the functioning of efficient armed forces regardless of their size, area of operation or diversification of military units must assume an effective and continuous process of learning the necessary practice, especially in the use of firearms, as well as the precision of shooting. Thus, it requires commanders to invest in a system of specialized facilities - shooting ranges and in the purchase of the necessary ammunition. Modern technology, however, expands the range of possibilities and can facilitate the entire training process, allowing you to also save money.


In the daily work of officers of law-enforcement agencies, intelligence, and counterintelligence agencies or various types of guards structures an essential element of the comfort of service is trust in your own training. This also applies to shoot training, assuming the use of service weapons in extreme situations. At the same time, we are talking about the use of weapons in such a way as to minimize threats to the life and health of themselves and all persons who are participants in a crisis situation. The Advanced Firearms Training System Vistula meets the needs of officers of uniformed and non-uniformed services, allowing for effective shooting training in safe conditions and maintaining the key elements of realism of conducting fire from various types of service weapons.


Counter-terrorist operations and special operations are always characterized by a high degree of complexity and the need for flexibility and the ability of operators (from instance military or SWAT teams) to adapt to specific tactical conditions. Thus, shooting training should be equally diversified and complex in terms of the considered scenarios, the specifics of the behavior of potential aggressors and bystanders.


The high instability of the modern world generates enormous needs for the functioning of the advanced training system of the private security agencies segment or even private military companies (PMC). Their employees often have to be the first to face such threats as terrorist attacks, organized crime or for instance the attacks of modern pirates. Therefore, on the one hand, there is a need to train a large number of new personnel that will be at the disposal of entities of private security and military services, and on the other, to reduce the final costs of this type of training - including expenditure on the training process in the use of firearms, ranging from pistols to various types of rifles.


AFTS Vistula has been deployed in multiple training facilities around Poland: Military Technical Academy, National Forests Rangers Training Center, „GROM” FOUNDATION and multiple other private objects. We are open for overseas sales opportunities.

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